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I have been in the Interior Design Industry since 2003. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design, with a focus on Architectural Detail, Construction, and Building Codes. My professional experience includes Commercial and Residential Design. I have worked with leading clients in the Retail, Banking, Restaurant, Dental industries, and Business offices. I have also worked on the design of several kitchen, bath, and living spaces. My experience has allowed me to develop a diverse skill set with practice in all areas of Interior Design, Customer Relations, Business Operations, Construction Project Management, etc. I am humbled and honored to combine my years of experience and develop my own brand as Cruse Interiors. My goal is to be your Advocate; to create, inspire, and execute a developed design plan. I strive to create timeless spaces to enjoy for years.  My passion is developing a design and participating in all phases of its execution. Watching your work unfold before your eyes is a beautiful thing!


I am also a Mother to two handsome young boys and married to a wonderful man. As I’m sure every woman and mother can relate, my boys are my ultimate inspiration. It is my purpose to raise them to be good little men and understand the importance of a strong work ethic. I plan to show them this by providing you with exceptional service and respect. As a family, we love the Pacific Northwest and spending time outdoors. We also love the beach and try to visit our family on the warmer beaches in Southern California, when possible.


I am a passionate free spirit, but also very structured and determined. I can find inspiration in just about anything. Many people may think of inspiration in the design world as only a tangible material that you can touch and feel. There is a world full of natural materials, textures, bright colors, new technology, hand crafted artisan pieces, etc. to draw inspiration. However, I am also drawn to observe how we use items on a daily basis, or how our needs may change. My educational studies in form follows function, universal design, and ADA accessibility drive these interests. It is extremely important to me to always follow these concepts and ADA regulation. I find it inspirational and motivating to take on the challenge of accomplishing the functional needs of a space, while also creating a beautiful aesthetic environment. I am also inspired by the way things make us feel. From color selection, to the flow of a space, location, lighting, acoustics, tactile selections, etc. our emotional responses are quite intriguing and something to pay attention to. These emotional triggers are touched on during a formal design training, but I also studied Psychology for a few years and I am extremely passionate about the way we feel in our spaces.

Green Design, sourcing environmentally friendly materials and processes, is also of great interest to me. I hope to play my role in promoting a healthier environment by sharing product knowledge with my clients and encouraging friendly product selections, when possible.


Thank you for your consideration and opportunity. I look forward to working together.


Shaunte Cruse

Interior Designer, Owner

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