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Our specialty is developing your project from start to finish, and depending on your scope of work this may include all or some of the following services, listed below as milestones.

However, we also understand that every client has a unique set of needs and may prefer to choose one or more services A La Carte.

We will customize your quote based on the specific needs discussed during your initial design consultation.





Initial Design Consultation

Our first meeting. This consultation allows us the opportunity to discuss your vision and how I can help you reach your goals. We will discuss the function and design aesthetic of your space, your inspiration and specific requirements. I will present some general styles and recommendations to better understand your ideal outcome. We will also discuss the timeline and budget requirements, as well as next steps. This initial consultation is free of charge.


Site Verification

This is a detailed site review, where depending on the scope of work, the space will be measured and drafted on site. This is a necessary step, as there are so many existing conditions that affect the outcome of a new design strategy. This step is also called an As Built or Site Survey.


Schematic Planning

In this stage, we combine your desired outcome with existing conditions and begin space planning. You will be presented with 2-3 layout options to reflect your goals. This milestone may be combined in part with the next stage, Materials Specification, as I like to present you with Concept or Mood boards to solidify your design style.


Material Specification

Based on your style direction and budget, I will present material options and other specifications. We will explore lighting, fabric, wall covering, flooring, appliances, equipment, etc. to align with your scope of work. We will also discuss alternate specifications, as desired.



Design Development

The vision really starts coming together in this milestone! We take your approved floor plan and material specifications into a more detailed stage. You will be presented with detailed elevations and 3D models to communicate the vision and confirm we are in alignment.


Construction Documents

I finalize the floor plans and compile a complete set of drawings communicating your projects’ scope of work. Construction Documents are required for the installation process, and depending on the level of complexity, additional drawings may be required for Engineering needs.



Furniture, Fixtures, & Styling

Your material selections are finalized and ordered in this stage. We complete a final review of all decorative materials, lighting, flooring, wall covering, window treatments, plumbing, appliances, etc. All products have been sourced and organized in an inclusive list, noting each vendor. This milestone includes the ordering of all items and product tracking.





Architectural & Engineering drawings, as needed

Includes code compliance and stamp as required for permit





Permit Submittal

I will personally submit your project to the governing city for plan review. I will explore every expediting option available to move your project through each review stage, so we can initiate construction. It is crucial to the plan review process to have someone available to answer all questions that a plans examiner may have, and to also direct them to locate necessary items in the drawings. This expertise will minimize redlines that may result from plan review and greatly shorten the timeline.




This milestone is often a separate service. It does involve billable hours, so it is up to you the level of involvement that I play, but it is strongly recommended. Thorough Project Management involvement will ensure the level of success that you are looking for. It is my responsibility and honor, as your Designer, to be your Advocate and ensure that your project is completed to the highest degree of quality, staying on time and on budget.

In this phase of the project, I will manage the bid process with the contractors, ensuring that we stay within your budget. I will act as your Advocate and facilitate the completion of all contracts. The construction contract will be a binding contract directly between you as the client and the contractor. I will work to manage the expectation and ensure successful results.

We will agree on a designated number of job site visits, depending on the scope of work and budget. During job site visits, I will manage the contractor and ensure plan details are being followed and the highest quality standards are met. We will discuss your need for regular updates, as this commonly occurs on a weekly basis, dependent on scope of work and the schedule.

We will complete a final walk through, creating a punch list for items to be resolved. I will manage the completion of these items with the contractor and your final approval. If required by the City and the scope of your project, I will ensure that a Final Inspection and Certificate of Occupancy are obtained. We will also work in a final cleaning of your space, into the construction budget.





Upon completion of your project, you will want professional photography to show off your space reflecting the before and after condition. I will bring in a professional Photographer to showcase your project and present you with digital images for personal or commercial use.

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